Fall Portrait Session Special

Any session booked for dates between October 1st and November 9th will be discounted 50%!  Take a look at current session catalogs for details on session options, prints and products... and take 50% off the prices shown on session fees.
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Fresh Baby Art! | Wayzata Newborn Photographer

This sweet little babe was so calm during his session... and wide awake!  The ideal time for newborn portrait sessions is during the first two weeks of life.  Expecting?  Email me about session options and get on the schedule!

Baby Belly Art | Wayzata Maternity Photographer

Baby Belly Art... or Dog Art??

Dog Art! | Orono Pet Photographer

I have so much fun photographing pets on location.  Most dogs are so much more comfortable in their own environment... whether lounging in a favorite chair ... or outside in the snowbank!

Bundle Up! | Wayzata Kids Photography

Love  shooting lifestyle portraits outdoors... rosy cheeks... fun winter textures... and an excuse to get hot chocolate after the session!  

Trick Or Treat | Minnesota Dog Photographer

Well... I'm really not a fan of dressing pets up in silly clothes... but it is Halloween, after all... AND my kids are all grown. So... Frank and Lou had to endure a bit of torture today. I would say they were a little bored with this dog photography session!

Sleepy Baby Art | Twin Cities Newborn Photography

Look at these sweet baby features! The best time to schedule a newborn photography session is during the first two weeks of life. As long as they are warm and fed, newborns are usually content to curl up in the sweetest, snuggly, adorable poses.

Another Blooma Birthday | Minneapolis Event Photographer

It's always so fun to photograph events at Blooma... this past Saturday, Blooma hosted  Birthday Bash #5 and also celebrated the opening of the new Minneapolis location in Boulevard Commons at 5315 Lyndale Avenue South.  Linden Hills Fish & Bee (formerly eeCee bb) was there selling ADORABLE designs and accessories. The ever popular Adventures of SuperStretch class was of course, a highlight... check out the photos of these awesome little yogis!  This year's live music was provided by Eau Claire indie band, Adelyn Rose...  love their dreamy vocals.. and last but not least... it wouldn't be a Blooma Birthday Bash without the Red Taco Truck... YUM! 

Goodbye to Sweet Miss Mabel...

Well... the threesome is now a twosome.  Yesterday, sweet Miss Mabel ended up on the wrong side of the fence. An overly bold groundhog has been making daily visits to the chicken yard.  At first everyone seemed to coexist, but this past week we noticed a change. The hens have been getting quite agitated by his presence, as the groundhog roams farther and stays longer.  Usually, the girls either fly to the top of the coop and raise a commotion, or race to a corner of their "yard", protesting all the way with frantic clucking and flapping of wings. When I heard the telltale ruckus yesterday, I ran around the corner of the house, expecting to see the three chickens in their usual corner, loudly complaining.  Unfortunately, that was not the case. Sadie and Olive were sounding the alarm, however, Mabel had flown over the fence and into the danger zone.  The danger zone, meaning the No Trespassing Zone... The Louie Zone... where violation is punishable by death.  Not good.  Lou, the siberian husky/german shepherd who fancies himself a hunter, beat me to the scene.  He did back off at my command, but Mabel was already flopping around on the ground and obviously injured.  She didn't appear to have any wounds, however her legs were limp and she couldn't stand or balance.  Poor thing!  I wrapped her up in my flannel shirt and brought her in the house to keep her warm and quiet...   

... and by the next morning
... there were only two.

The Art of Keeping Chickens | Minnesota Lifestyle Photographer

Olive, our dark Brahma hen is getting SO pretty... look at those tail feathers! She is almost 6 months old now, so we should see some eggs soon!
And these are the two little girls... Sadie is a Salmon Favorelle, and Mable, an American Dominique. Now they are about four months old... look how much they've grown... the images on the left of this collage are at four and five weeks!